Friday, October 20, 2006

I Can See You But You Cannot See Me Dummy

This is a political poster and a political poser for you ponder on.
What do you think of Aishah Asmi?

Aishah Asmi

Please read:
Muslims are the new Jews
By India Knight

Very little makes sense in this business about Jack Straw, Muslim women and veils. Aishah Azmi, a teaching assistant from Dewsbury, Yorks, was last week suspended for refusing to take her veil off in class - she was allowed to wear it everywhere else at school, but, rightly to my mind, was told by her local education authority that her pupils, who are mostly learning English as a second language, needed to see her mouth when she taught. This seems entirely sensible.
Times Online

Who can identify any criminal in a veil?

We must beware of suicide bombers in veils.

Terrorists can move around in burqas and we won't know until they explode before our very eyes. Then it would be too late to stop them.

The earlier we ban the wearing of all masks and veils in public the safer we would be.


Francis W. Porretto said...

This is typical of the counterattack against growing Western comprehension of the Islamic threat.

In most American municipalities, it's against the law to walk down a public street with one's face concealed, for precisely the reasons you give here.

Toniyah Tonijah said...

Thank you very much.

All members of NATO and EU must enforce these same laws in their countries.

God bless.

Infekted said...

But what if we were talking about any of YOUR religious rights? Wouldn't you be a little troubled with an incident like this that degrades the virtues of your religion? The world is turning against muslims for a single reason that a muslim is a terrorist? Oh come on...