Saturday, April 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Your Majesty

Happy birthday to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at 80!

If There Could Ever Be A Perfect Queen, she would be Queen Elizabeth II of England. And I respect her. She is a beautiful and wonderful queen of the most celebrated monarchy in the world. But, I wonder if she is happy with the scandalous life of the heir apparent to the throne, Prince Charles. I believe that the Queen failed to save the marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana when she could have done so before it was too late. And Lady Diana died.The queen had all the means to save the life of her daughter in-law. But, why did she allow Lady Diana to fall from glory to the gory destruction of such a beautiful life? But will the Crown Prince Charles succeed Queen Elizabeth II?

Friday, April 14, 2006

British Court Voids Anti-Terrorism Provision Allowing House Arrests

The Psyche of the Terrorists and the Final Solution

The Holocaust Next Time 2: Israel Will Be Annihilated"

"Israel Will Be Annihilated", the lunatic President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran has threatened again and even a moron on the streets of New York City knows that every threat from the Islamist terrorists is not a joke. As Zacarias Moussaoui was also boasting in court that both America and Israel will be destroyed.The United States of America must be ready for war against the Islamists in Iran and the Middle East. Because, Zacarias Moussaoui is the epitome of the sadistic Islamist and all the terrorists at large.

I want the rest of the world to understand the unrepentant nature of the lunatic fringes of the Islamic world and the threat of their resolve to exterminate the Jews.

We cannot fold our arms and watch as our grandfathers did and over 3 million Jews were annihilated in The Holocaust of the last world war. We have to stop the holocaust next time.

Friday, April 07, 2006

The Apocalyptic War On Terror

When your enemy is not even afraid of death and you dread death more than anything else, what do you do?The war on terror is an unending war. Because, terror has no end and even continues in hell.America is at war with terrorists who are all psychopaths/sociopaths and they are heretics and lunatics of a religion that has made majority of the adherents fatalists. They have hated their enemies even before President George W.Bush was born. So, Bush is not the cause of the present predicament of the war in Iraq. This war is worse than Vietnam. The war in Vietnam was an ideological political war. But, the war in Iraq is apocalyptic. America is actually the scape-goat of the war between Judaism and Islam.America should let the Jews and the Arabs settle their scores.

Read the following:
Horror Takes the Stand At the Moussaoui Trial
European Imams Focus on Issue of Identity
...hatred and inciting followers to kill non-Muslims during six years as imam at London's Finsbury Park mosque.The Madrid and London transit bombings only hardened views and, last year, polls across the European Union showed widespread reservations about the decision to...
House Judiciary Committee Hearing on the Department of Justice

"There are no terrorist-free zones..
.... in the United Kingdom. The footprint of international terrorism is in every part of the country."Peter Clarke, the national coordinator of terrorism investigations,BERLIN (Reuters) - Investigations into last July's London suicide bombings are proceeding with no let-up but the terrorist threat to Britain has not declined, the country's top anti-terrorism investigator...

There Are No Terrorist - Free Zones in the UK

"There are no terrorist-free zones in the United Kingdom.
The footprint of international terrorism is in every part of the
~ Peter Clarke, the national coordinator of terrorism investigations.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Remember Victims of the London Bombings

Remember : Ojara Ikeagwu
Ojara Ikeagwu was a social worker who had helped hundreds of adults with learning difficulties.

During her tenure with Hounslow social services in west London, the mother-of-three from Luton drew admiration for her dedication.

She was based in the community, at the Berkeley Centre in Heston.
On that fateful 7 July, 2005, she caught a train to King's Cross station, from where she usually took the Piccadilly Line Tube to get to work.

The 56-year-old died in the explosion which claimed the lives of 26 others.

'Highly committed'
Mrs Ikeagwu was of Nigerian descent and had lived in Luton for 25 years.

Judy Smart, head of care management at the Berkeley Centre, said: "Ojara had her own inimitable style of work with service users, parents and carers, and was highly committed to the learning disability service."

At home in Luton Mrs Ikeagwu did voluntary work, especially among the Nigerian community.
She is survived by her husband, a retired doctor, Okorasor Ikeagwu, and their three adult children.

Monday, April 03, 2006

British People Never Trusted Americans

America dragged Britain into the war on terror and when the terrorists struck back, Americans failed to save the British on that fateful day of July 7, 2005.

Read the "Document Shows British Concerns in 1962" on

Scarlet Tears of London

I have published my special book of poems inspired by the horrifying and terrifying terrorist bomb blasts in London on July 7, 2005. My "Scarlet Tears of London" is my memorial tribute to all those who were killed on that fateful day that we cannot forget. The harrowing nightmares still torment many of the bereaved families till this very day.

There are also the best of my poems on the catastrophic hurricane Katrina, the war on terror, the Middle East Crisis and of course the best love poems and other poems on the most precious moments of my passions and the passions of my fellow humans as I have empathized with others in the agonies of the ironies of life. And I have also rejoiced with those who were rejoicing.

The "Scarlet Tears of London" is available in paperback and hardcover editions on And distributors should contact me.

Scarlet Tears of London "Scarlet Tears of London" is my special anthology of cosmopolitan poems in English and translated to Spanish. The anthology is in memory of those who were killed in the terrorists' bomb blasts in London on July 7. 2005.