Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Remember Victims of the London Bombings

Remember : Ojara Ikeagwu
Ojara Ikeagwu was a social worker who had helped hundreds of adults with learning difficulties.

During her tenure with Hounslow social services in west London, the mother-of-three from Luton drew admiration for her dedication.

She was based in the community, at the Berkeley Centre in Heston.
On that fateful 7 July, 2005, she caught a train to King's Cross station, from where she usually took the Piccadilly Line Tube to get to work.

The 56-year-old died in the explosion which claimed the lives of 26 others.

'Highly committed'
Mrs Ikeagwu was of Nigerian descent and had lived in Luton for 25 years.

Judy Smart, head of care management at the Berkeley Centre, said: "Ojara had her own inimitable style of work with service users, parents and carers, and was highly committed to the learning disability service."

At home in Luton Mrs Ikeagwu did voluntary work, especially among the Nigerian community.
She is survived by her husband, a retired doctor, Okorasor Ikeagwu, and their three adult children.

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