Friday, April 07, 2006

The Apocalyptic War On Terror

When your enemy is not even afraid of death and you dread death more than anything else, what do you do?The war on terror is an unending war. Because, terror has no end and even continues in hell.America is at war with terrorists who are all psychopaths/sociopaths and they are heretics and lunatics of a religion that has made majority of the adherents fatalists. They have hated their enemies even before President George W.Bush was born. So, Bush is not the cause of the present predicament of the war in Iraq. This war is worse than Vietnam. The war in Vietnam was an ideological political war. But, the war in Iraq is apocalyptic. America is actually the scape-goat of the war between Judaism and Islam.America should let the Jews and the Arabs settle their scores.

Read the following:
Horror Takes the Stand At the Moussaoui Trial
European Imams Focus on Issue of Identity
...hatred and inciting followers to kill non-Muslims during six years as imam at London's Finsbury Park mosque.The Madrid and London transit bombings only hardened views and, last year, polls across the European Union showed widespread reservations about the decision to...
House Judiciary Committee Hearing on the Department of Justice

"There are no terrorist-free zones..
.... in the United Kingdom. The footprint of international terrorism is in every part of the country."Peter Clarke, the national coordinator of terrorism investigations,BERLIN (Reuters) - Investigations into last July's London suicide bombings are proceeding with no let-up but the terrorist threat to Britain has not declined, the country's top anti-terrorism investigator...

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