Sunday, August 27, 2006

Who Is Fooling Whom? Between American Muslims And British Muslims

It is too soon to say where the growing alienation of American Muslims will lead, but it seems clear that the factors contributing to it will endure. U.S. foreign policy persists in dividing Muslim and Western societies, making it harder still for Americans to realize that there is a difference between their Muslim neighbor and the plotter in London or the kidnapper in Baghdad.
Geneive Abdo is the liaison for the Alliance of Civilizations at the United Nations and author of "Mecca and Main Street: Muslim Life in America After 9/11" (Oxford).
Washington Post, 25/08/2006

Dear Genevieve, so you want me to believe that?
That the so called Moderate American muslims are different from the terrorist plotter in London or the kidnapper in Baghdad and Gaza?

When the majority of Muslims all over the world support the Al Qaida and Hizbollah and other Islamic terrorist groups? And they even call them their brothers in arms?

Do you know that there is only a thin red line separating Islamic radicalism from Islamic terrorism as the serpent has a forked tongue but the same deadly venom?

The difference between Islamic radicalism and Islamic terrorism is the difference between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Who is fooling whom?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"We Don't Make Concessions To Terrorists"

Kidnapped two Fox News Channel correspondent Steve Centanni, a 60-year-old American, and New Zealand cameraman Olaf Wiig, 36.

Well, the American government has said it aloud and clear that the US does not make concessions to terrorists. So, the sooner these Islamic lunatics release their hostages the better and safer Palestine would be. Except kidnapping the two innocent journalists was part of their plot to provoke America into attacking them in their accursed homeland.

When Will This Islamic Madness End?

First Hamas kidnapped an Israeli soldier and asked for the release of Palestinian prisoners held in Israel in exchange. Then Hizbollah killed some Israeli soldiers and abducted two and demanded that Israel must release Hizbollah fighters in Israeli prisons in exchange. And now the Holy Jihad Brigades," kidnapped two Fox News Channel journalists (correspondent Steve Centanni, a 60-year-old American, and New Zealand cameraman Olaf Wiig, 36) in Gaza, also demanding that Muslims in American prisons must be released in exchange for their hostages. When will these lunatic fringe elements of Islam stop their madness? Until they no longer exist?
Nigerian Times

"We hope the kidnappers will release Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig at the earliest opportunity. It is the position of the US government that we do not make concessions to terrorists," Micaela Schweitzer-Bluhm said.
The Guardian

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Extracts From The Scarlet Tears of London

On Islamic Terrorism:
In AD 624, The Prophet Muhammed announced the Jihad or holy war.
“ I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite off their finger-tips off them...slay them wherever you find them…”

I got a suicide note yesterday.
It was from your brother Mustafa.
He is going to blow himself up on Sunday.
He mentioned somewhere in Gaza.

But why?
Oh, Sunniya! Don’t cry.
Mustafa chose the way to go.
The terrible deed has been done.
And he is gone.

As British Charge 11 Suspects in Airliner Plot, let me remind all the Islamic terrorists and their fellow Muslims that...
God has not called us to be suicide bombers
God has called us to be peacemakers.
God has not called us to be messengers of death.
God has called us to be messengers of life.
God has not called us to be messengers of falsehood.
God has called us to be messengers of truth.
God has not called us to be messengers of hatred.
God has called us to be messengers of love.

On the beauty of the Hijab and Burga:

She came in silken veils
Like aurora in her sails.
And the siren fled at the scent of her chador
The hood of her candor
My beloved Princess Sunniya
She is the loveliest damsel in all Arabia.

On Adultery:

Is only the woman that is always caught in adultery?
What of the man?
Or did she commit the adultery by herself?
The hypocrisy and injustice must stop.

Some verses from Scarlet Tears of London:

Faces stained with blood
Grimaces of agony
Petrified as they stood.
Too numb to bear any acrimony.

Oh, my beloved London
The pride of the English Crown
Let me wipe away your scarlet tears
The scarlet tears of your bloodshed
Though you are heartbroken.
But, you are not forsaken.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Our Enemies Are Our Neighbours

When the terrorists are fellow Britons, what would you do to defend yourselves?
Report all suspicious fringe-elements around you or what?

I ask again when will this nightmare end?

Where did the British Government go wrong to provoke the Islamic extremists with British passports to become the worst nightmares of peace-loving Britons?
Do we blame Tony Blair and George Walker Bush?

The suspects on trial are just a fraction of the whole army of the foot soldiers of the Al Qaida in disguise all over the UK. And your neighbours next door could be Islamic suicide bombers pretending to be your best buddies.

Friday, August 18, 2006

When Will This Nightmare End?

Another nightmarish scare in the air as A British passenger plane to Egypt diverted to a southern Italian airport Friday. And when will this nightmare end?

Since London 7/7 to date, the monstrosity of terrorism has traumatized the innocent residents of London and making them to live in constant fear of sudden suicidal terrorist attacks like those in the Middle East. There is no more peace of mind. Because, nobody is safe from the street to the tube to the airport. The lunatics can strike at anytime and anywhere. And every Arab is now a suspect.

The Islamic terrorist is worse than the Irish terrorist. Because, the Irish terrorist was not an unpredictable rabid lunatic. Whereas, the Islamic terrorist could even be your Arab neighbour next door and can explode anytime in your face!

One minute he is smiling at you and before you know it, he has blown up himself and all the passengers on the bus, train or plane.

When will this nightmare end?

Check the updated list of prohibited items on the Transportation Security Administration Web site ( or call the TSA's Consumer Response Center at 866-289-9673.

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Making of An International Bestseller

Orikinla Osinachi's Scarlet Tears of London is fast becoming an international bestseller and for a new collection of poems by a new writer that is quite phenomenal and is now selling fast on Barnes & Noble

People who bought the book on Barnes & Noble also bought the following:
Gone Lisa Gardner
The Prophet Kahlil Gibran
Inferno Dante Alighieri John Ciardi
Paradise Lost (Barnes & Noble Classics Series) John Milton, David Hawkes (Introduction)
The Iliad and the Odyssey Homer, Samuel Butler (Translator)

I have read Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet since 1980 with John Milton's Paradise Lost and of course I have read Homer's classics.

For those who don't me very well, Orikinla Osinachi is my pen name online and offline.

Scarlet Tears of London is also being sold on MSN Shopping, and of course on Amazon as shown below.

I am very glad and grateful to God that my book is going places globally.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

As British Police Thwart Aircraft Bomb Plot, America Shivers

As I blog, there is a red alert at all airports in America as the US raises threat level for all commercial aircraft, since the breaking news with the following headlines:

British Police Thwart Aircraft Bomb Plot

UK police hold 21 over foiled plot to bomb planes

British police say foil plot to bomb aircraft

Why are these Islamic devils so nefarious and infernally wicked?

We have to beware of every Muslim everywhere? Because, judging from tragic accidents of the recent past, we can never trust any Muslim again. They are the most suspicious people on earth and their lunatic fringe elements are the perpetrators of the worst evils of these interesting times.

When the terrorist bomb attacks devastated London on that fateful July 7 last year, most Muslims were jubilating in Northern Nigeria and other Islamic regions in the world. But when the controversial Danish cartoons of their Prophet Muhammad were published, millions of them went on rampage and in Nigeria they attacked and murdered innocent Christians, including mothers and their children. Just to prove how diabolical these Muslims are, they rejoice whenever their suicide-bombers succeed in killing innocent humans and destroying buildings.

Imagine the catastrophe that would have occurred if they were not foiled.