Friday, September 15, 2006

The Pope Versus Islam, the Howard Hughes Syndrome, Oprah and the Rest of Us.

Now the same Islamic world that has never condemned the Islamic terrorist attacks on Christianity and Judaism is screaming blue murder over the remarks of Pope Benedict XVI that Islam has a bad record. But that is the truth. Even a two year old kid in New York City knows that Islam is the cause of the worst nightmares in the world today.
As far as I am concerned, there is nothing wrong in being anti-evil.
Call a spade a forking spade!

I was actually watching the CNN minutes ago on how the so called Lonely Girl on YouTube fooled millions of ignoraant viewers until the cat was let out of the bag. She is a con-actress and she does not even have apologies or regrets!And Hollywood is offering her roles to pay her to fool more millions of viweres. How naive and ignorant are millions of people?

Then, I was also wondering if the leaders of the Republican Party are not suffering from the Howard Hughes Syndrome. Because, the Republicans insist that they are always right even when the evidence proves them wrong and always insist on everyone kissing their dirty arse. But, the Democrats and the majority of Americans are suffering from what I call the Bandwagon Syndrome and the rule of the thumb has made millions of Americans to be fooled by the white lies of their mass media. Whatever is advertised on the CNN or MTV is their gospel truth and any book Oprah shows to the rest of the world on her cheesy Oprah Winfrey show becomes a bestseller even if the book is a scrap book.

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