Sunday, September 03, 2006

The American Fool Is The Devil's Tool

Is Adam Yahiye Gadahn really an American?
Or an impostor employed by the Al Qaeda?

This phony American reported to be working for the Al Qaeda as seen on the terrorist website could be scared of being beheaded and converted to Islam like the two kidnapped Fox journalists who became muslims at gun point and were released by their captors.

Now the saboteur and agent provocateur reared his serpentine head for the whole world to see. The puppet of the Anti-Christ speaks for his masters as he spills his guts and from his vomit, we can see how vile is the bile of the satanic cult called the Al Qaeda.

The American fool is only a tool in the evil hands of the devil. He must be on dope.

I have always said the war on terror is not a political war.
It is a religious war.
The Muslims have started their Jihad against Christians and Jews.

Now I agree with President George W. Bush that we are at war with the Antichrists.

The Islamic terrorists are holding non-muslims hostage to convert to Islam or be killed? And they have declared Christians and Jews as their enemies. Therefore, we now know the mission of Islamic terrorism.

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