Friday, August 18, 2006

When Will This Nightmare End?

Another nightmarish scare in the air as A British passenger plane to Egypt diverted to a southern Italian airport Friday. And when will this nightmare end?

Since London 7/7 to date, the monstrosity of terrorism has traumatized the innocent residents of London and making them to live in constant fear of sudden suicidal terrorist attacks like those in the Middle East. There is no more peace of mind. Because, nobody is safe from the street to the tube to the airport. The lunatics can strike at anytime and anywhere. And every Arab is now a suspect.

The Islamic terrorist is worse than the Irish terrorist. Because, the Irish terrorist was not an unpredictable rabid lunatic. Whereas, the Islamic terrorist could even be your Arab neighbour next door and can explode anytime in your face!

One minute he is smiling at you and before you know it, he has blown up himself and all the passengers on the bus, train or plane.

When will this nightmare end?

Check the updated list of prohibited items on the Transportation Security Administration Web site ( or call the TSA's Consumer Response Center at 866-289-9673.

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