Sunday, November 19, 2006

Blair Approves £480m For Anti-terrorism Deal With Pakistan

"Pakistan is not a banana republic," President Musharraf reportedly told the German magazine Focus last week.

"We have an extremely loyal and disciplined army. The secret service is made up mainly of military men."
Independent Online

We hear you Musharraf. And may I also add that Pakistan is not a rogue state.

I support the increase in the British aid to Pakistan for counter-terrorism, because the war on terror is the battle for our survival. The al- Qa'ida would probably be getting more than £480m from Iran, Syria and other backers in the Islamic world. The Talibans make so much money from the drug trade, which they have been using to finance their terror network and warfare. And if we do not fund our allies in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Jordan, we would be at the receiving end of the grave consequences.

In fact, I think the £480m will not be enough for the next three years if Britain really wants to fund the control and prevention of Islamic terrorism. Because, the Pakistani Government will need more short term funding to control their "moderate" schools so that the Islamists won't be using them as the booth camps of their terror network. The hard-line Madrassas are engaged in a life long programme to brainwash Muslim pupils and students in their global goal for the Islamization of the world. Therefore, counter-terrorism is a life long warfare to save us from the lunatic fringe elements being sent on suicide missions by the al-Qa'ida.

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